Hello, please come in. We are Fusion, experts in digital healthcare.

What we do

We are an award-winning agency, specialising in digital services and products for the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector.

Our in-house team of experts provide our clients with high-quality digital products, ensuring that they are innovative, intuitive, inter-operable, code-compliant and scalable across different countries.

Recognised for our products’ ingenuity and top performances, we have received numerous international awards. We have also won 19 preferred supplier agreements with many of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies and universities.

Have a look at some examples of our work:

  • Fusion′s story
    Fusion is founded in Anglesey 2009 by a group of successful executives to meet the growing digital requirements of healthcare organisations and pharmaceutical companies.
    Fusion founded
  • Fusion′s story
    Fusion opens an office in Singapore to consolidate and extend growth in the Asia-Pacific region.
    Opened Singapore
  • Fusion′s story
    Over 40 clients have access to our user-friendly, award-winning, resilient and scalable digital solutions. We employ 45 of the brightest and the best clinicians, medical writers, programmers, developers and creatives.
    45 of the brightest
    and best employees
  • Global reach
    Our commitment to quality, innovation and delivery remains constant as we grow, making Fusion one the leading providers of digital healthcare solutions in the world. Our global reach extends from North America to China.
    preferred supplier

Why Fusion?

Clients choose Fusion because we offer bespoke solutions and a responsive service. We combine medical, technical, creative and compliance expertise under one roof. We also have a long-established external network of patients, medics, private and public sector professionals, which gives us an influence and access to deliver effective products in a highly complex environment.

Clients stay with Fusion because we constantly evolve to meet the needs of the market, keeping abreast of the latest thinking in healthcare and making use of new technologies. Our positive culture, which transforms challenges into opportunities, is one of the many reasons that clients make us their supplier of choice.

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